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Top 3 Solar Charging Backpack at Best Price

Most of us have experienced how annoying a dead phone battery can be while out and about, but thanks to the Best solar Backpacks for Trekking on the market, you’ll always be charged and ready to go. Now, a simple stroll in the park on a sunny day can fully charge your cell phone quickly and efficiently, without the need for a wall outlet.

These futuristic backpacks integrate low watt solar panels, power banks and USB cords to charge devices on the go. Some even come equipped with extra bells and whistles, like hydration bladders, anti-theft protection, and ventilation systems. Whether you’re a student commuting an hour to school, or an outdoors enthusiast prepping for a multi-day trek, a solar backpack can be a convenient and eco-friendly way to keep your devices from dying prematurely.

Designed and Assembled in Brooklyn

  • Inspired by the need to stay connected while traveling, Voltaic created the original solar backpack in 2004.
  • Since then our Brooklyn-based team has been making high-quality solar bags, backpacks, and chargers for every adventure.
  • Must carry power banks ( if possible solar ) in each backpack is assembled and tested by our team in the Brooklyn Navy Yard
  • The integrated battery pack charges quickly from solar or any AC outlet
  • High-efficiency solar panel powers battery pack in the sun

Made For Daily Use

  • More than just a solar charger, Voltaic’s solar bags, and backpacks are made with you and your devices in mind.
  • Dedicated smart storage pockets for smartphones, tablets, and laptops
  • Internal cable management system keeps smaller items in place
  • Breathable, ergonomic shoulder straps are ideal for commuting, traveling, or hiking

ECEEN 7 Walls Solar Backpack

Here we have one more great product from Eceen, but with somewhat different features. The solar panel is a bit smaller and generates 5W of power. As a plus, it comes with a 2000mAH battery, so you can store the power and charge later. The backpack is made from nylon which is water and tear-resistant.

The seams are reinforced, and there is a metal zipper so you know it’s going to last. When fully open it has a 35L capacity. However, it weighs only 15oz and can be folded and packed into a small pocket so you can put it away until next use.

Voltaic Systems Array

This is one of the highest performing solar backpacks with 3 monocrystalline solar panels and a whopping 10W with an output of about 6V or 18V. They are removable and can be washed and fitted to suit the direction of the sun. The Voltaic has one of the most powerful batteries with a capacity of 20,000 mAh. It has 3 USB ports which differ in the surge of power with one being 12V/4A, 16V/3.5A, and 19V/3A.

This enables the backpack to charge large devices such as laptops and small ones like smartphones to full charge. There is an internal laptop sleeve for effective package and for charging. The Voltaic can also be charged using a power outlet. The bag is made comfortable by the padded straps that sooth the shoulders despite the pressure on the straps and the sternum, which keeps the bag secure despite the rigorous outdoor activities. There is also a water bottle pocket on the side.

Solar Powered Laptop Backpack with USB Charging

This solar-powered laptop backpack has a detachable solar panel charger. The solar panel can charge your cellphone or other gadgets directly with plenty of sunshine. You can also put a portable charger between the panel and the exit USB, this makes the panel continuously charges the power bank and then the exit USB pulls power from the bank. It has large capacity to accommodate your 15.6-inch laptop, mobile phone, wallet, books, magazine, clothes or other personal items. Made of high-quality oxford cloth, lightweight and waterproof. Just perfect for business, school, college, hiking, travel, camping, day-trip, and other outdoors activities.

You can easily and conveniently charge your phone, tablet and other devices without opening up the backpack. It has padded adjustable shoulder straps that are made to ease the pressure on your shoulders while carrying.